How to Increase Memory Power

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How to Increase Memory Power

How To Sharpen Your Brain

Defy Your Age, Sharpen Your Mind

When it arrives to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any working day How to Increase Memory Power Wanna Be Einstein . ~Marty Bucella

Emotional and psychological wellness is extremely important to healthy aging and sustaining your youth. Depression, strain and panic can affect your ability to recover from ailment. Religious, emotional and physical elements of life all impact longevity. Dwelling a healthful way of life and discovering new points can continue to keep your brain performing optimally. A healthy brain is a component of the healthier body. When you are in the superior state of mind that you are far better capable to make the top selections for yourself regarding your way of living as well as your wellness. Longevity depends upon a balanced brain and attitude. Considered one of the main things you are able to do while you age would be to manage a wholesome brain.There are numerous items it is possible to do to help keep your mind balanced and sharp and in peak ailment. Did you know a lot of these things will also be important to preserving a balanced physique likewise?• Cut down the tension as part of your everyday living. Stress can problems the brain. Unwind, meditate and deal with on your own after in a very though. Dealing with the worry in your daily life increases your memory, helps make you less delicate to agony and more able to manage.• Apply the art of favorable imagining. Produce a positive mindset about yourself along with the globe all over you. To make certain longevity inside the brain hold a good sense of reason along with a healthier optimism."Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks."Charles Dickens• Take time to do the things you enjoy. Pursue leisure activities. Read books and magazines, take a walk, play golf, knit with a friend, enjoy a movie together. Leisure activities can decrease the risk or delay the onset of dementia.• Stay in touch with family and friends. Keeping connected and being active helps us to live longer and retain psychological sharpness. Build strong social networks to help the brain tolerate told age. Lonely individuals are twice as likely to establish Alzheimer’s. Volunteer and donate your time to something worthy. It allows you to use your mind and try new items. It is intellectually stimulating and you meet new people. Several studies have found that people who volunteer live longer than those who do not.• Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep increases your concentration and is critical for memory and information processing. Sleep is when your brain sharpens new skills and solves problems.• In the event you feel depressed or anxious get help from a professional. Despair is one of by far the most common conditions seniors face.• Free your intellect and entire body of harmful drugs and alcohol. Stop smoking and cut down on alcohol consumption.• Use your emotional muscles, working out your mind strengthens neuronal pathways and builds new ones. Train your mind to improve memory skills, reasoning and visualization efficiency. Active understanding through out your life will hold your brain healthier later in years.A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. ~Jean Rostand• Get regular exercise it is the best way to improve mind health, improve memory, concentration and abstract pondering. Exercise increases blood flow to the mind, which nourishes the mind cells and allows them to function much more efficiently. Certain areas from the mind shrink as we age. Walking can reverse this influence. A University of Illinois study of adults ages 60-80 revealed that walker’s brains looked 2-3 years younger than others their age. • Eat nutritiously to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive decline. Remember you happen to be what you eat and what you eat can affect how you think.

Some Myths About The Brain

Some with the myths about ageing along with the mind are just not true. We can all acquire new knowledge, sharpen our skills and learn new tricks no matter what our age. Studying new important things or discovering a new activity that is mentally stimulating can strengthen brain cell networks and help preserve emotional functions. Researchers have learned that our older brains are quite capable of finding out new items. We continue to learn as we age and we gain wisdom. Older people learn issues just also as younger people. It may take a bit additional time or effort but yes you'll be able to teach “an old dog new tricks”. Do a crossword puzzle, Play a game, take on a new hobby, study a language, take a college course about a passion of yours, learn a new sport, learn ways to play an instrument, take dancing lessons or cozy up with a great book. Reading keeps your brain sharp for life and provides an intellectual boost, especially when reading great literature. Research believes that people who read acquire a brainpower reservoir that may lessen the risk of dementia.

All of these new experiences help stimulate the area on the mind that produces dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical involved in memory and understanding. Mastering and doing new items builds mind mass and increases your mind agility. Don’t be afraid of challenging and expanding your horizons with fresh and new activities. You do not have to excel inside your new pursuits to reap the numerous benefits.

I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now. ~Author Unknown

Contrary to popular belief the brain does not lose mind cells everyday, rather it grows new mind cells and reshapes itself through the experiences you encounter as well as learning you do. As you challenge your brain, new brain cells sprout along with the mind carves a new neural pathway keeping the brain vital. When stimulated by new activities the mind is capable of regeneration.

Mind cells do die off as we age, but the process does not accelerate. The areas of your mind that do lose cells are not necessarily the ones that are related to memory. The structure called the hippocampus shrinks in some people. These bodily changes within the mind vary from person to person. Many people reach a ripe old age and are as sharp as ever. Your mind is constantly changing in response to everything you do and think. The brain retains this ability well into old age. This is known as “plasticity.” The growing older brain is very resilient, adaptable and capable. Continue to keep it functional and keep it younger. With the proper care and life-style choices you may anti-age. It is known now that getting older isn’t just about our outward appearance. Emotional well being and well-being can also be major factors. Actual physical, emotional, non secular and social processes have an impact on each person differently during this complex process called getting older.

Dementia, senility Alzheimer’sDisease and depression are very real and unpleasant realities that quite a few seniors facial area as they age. We know there is no magic potion to stop this process of growing older. It is up to each individual to take control of their mental overall health, make smart life style changes about diet and exercise and retain a balanced, constructive mind-set in order to maintain their youth and mental potential as long as possible.

Old age puts far more wrinkles in our minds than on our faces. ~Michel de Montaigne

Studies indicate that 50% of brain power is genetic as well as other 50% is attributed to the environment. The activity a brain receives plus the experiences it encounters all help the mind to establish and achieve. Like a muscle the more we exercise it the improved it becomes. The very best thing you could do to increase your brain’s wondering power is always to exercise it through lots of activity. Constant exposure to new ideas, discovering and activities will help work your brain, improve it and protect it from mental decline. With mind exercise you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Defying your chronological age can be achieved by keeping your thoughts active and your mind sharp.

You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old.

George Burns

1896-1996, American Comedy Actor

Activities For Sharpening Your Brain

You can find dozens of books out there that are full of activities that will help you keep your thoughts sharp. Sodoku puzzles, brain teasers, word finders and crossword puzzles, even the internet has games you are able to play and challenge you to reach new levels of mastery. Simply memorizing a song or poem or perhaps a verse from the Bible will help you with considering and remembering. The following are a few activities I found to be fun and are excellent examples of ways to sharpen your mind. These were excerpted from Women’s Health magazine, January /February 2008.

Brain-Boosting Puzzles

(1) Find a six-letter male name from which you are able to drop either the first or the last letter to spell out a five-letter food. (Hint: The name starts with a vowel.

(2) Find the last name of a famous actress hidden in each of those sentences. Each name will be seven consecutive letters long and section of two or much more words.

After jumping a crevasse, the cougar landed safely on the other side.

Marian drew sketches during the park all afternoon.

(3) Think of your name of the well-known sport. Change its first letter to another letter, and you get a word for a participant in a very different sport. What are the two words?

(4) Put three letters in each set of blanks to complete a word on the left and start a word on the right.

Example: TO _ _ _ TURE

Answer: PIC (topic/picture)


MINI _ _ _ MY

M _ _ _ MERATE

PL _ _ _LEA

(5) What three consecutive numbers, when spelled out, use a single vowel over and over?

ANSWER to (1): Oliver -- olive and liver

ANSWER to (2): Judy Garland (cougar landed), Julie Andrews

ANSWER to (3): hockey/jockey

ANSWER (4): QUE (unique/question); MUM (minimum/mummy); ENU (menu/enumerate); AZA (plaza/azalea)

ANSWER (5): ten, eleven, twelve

Check out extra puzzles at this website:

Here are two additional sites to check out for additional games to try.

Best Memory boosting Games

Brain game can Boost IQ - Here's 5 new mind games to play now.

Last but not least, I found this memory boosting trick in Prevention magazine, August 2007;

“If you want to be sure to recall something you read, warm up your memory first by moving your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds. Horizontal eye movements are thought to bolster interaction between the two hemispheres from the brain, and communication between them is crucial to retrieving certain types of memories. “ –AM

One of the major keys to defying your age is being mentally active and sharpening your mind. Get out there and train your mind for longevity. You will be glad you did and smarter for it!

First you might be youthful; then that you are middle-aged; then you are old; then that you are wonderful.

-Norman Vincent Peale

Happy Anti-Aging Everyone

Chuck and Gayle

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